More Snorlax

I would post about bread, but my camera is out of batteries, and I feel like posts without pictures just aren't the same. Instead, I'll tell you about more Snorlax stuff.

For those who aren't on the up-and-up regarding Snorlax, he is one of the original 150 Pokemon. Green/blue and cream, he is a -large- Pokemon. And he is often sleeping...and blocking your path in the game.
My older brother wanted me to make matching Snorlax blankets for him and the baby. They will go well with the Snorlax Onesie I made. I went over to my brother's and sister-in-law's house yesterday and got to work. Here is a shot of him in process with a Snorlax plushie for comparison. This is the baby's blanket, measuring approximately 2' x 3'.

Before I left for the day, I was able to complete all but the foot pads and the face design. I have until the end of December to finish him, so I'm not feeling rushed (yay!) for once.

Would anyone be interested in me creating either a tutorial or a pattern for this guy? Let me know


Harmony said...

This is adorable! I love him! Can't wait to see it finished :)

Meghan said...

Thanks! I like the little one, but the big one...that's gonna be a pain. Also, in case you decide to work with it, cuddle fabric shreds like CRAZY! Overcast the edges as -soon- as you cut it.