My next dress

I had originally wanted to make two dress submissions for Shabby Apple's Dare to Design contest, but I only ended up making one. In case you weren't aware, the dress below made it as one of the 15 finalists! Please vote for dress #1!

However, I bought fabric for the second dress but never made it. Looking at my pattern stash, I have three top contenders for this moss green rayon knit blend.

Butterick 5166. I've already made View B with success, and I've wanted to try View A. I will definitely shorten the hem on this, and I think I'll try to incorporate the tie into the dress to make it an actual wrap dress if I were to make it.

Butterick 5384 . Since I already have a similar dress (McCall 6011) that I chose to make with two different colored fabrics, I think I would go for View B for this dress. I think it'd be great for school and for going out.

Butterick 5029. I originally bought this dress for View B. I had a gorgeous White House Black Market dress that was dry-clean only and got ruined in a rainstorm, and view B captures the silouhette of the dress pretty well. However, I would want to make View A with the fabric I have. My main concern is it is not a great dress for fall going into winter.

Which do you think would be the best marriage of pattern and fabric?


miamihoney said...

I love the 3rd pattern, view A. It looks youthful and the top is super cute.

Meghan said...

It's my favorite, I have to admit. =)

Natasha said...

Love the third pattern view b. Will look forward to seeing what you do. Your dress looks great, hope it wins.

Meghan said...

Thanks Natasha! I will definitely be making that view someday, but I want to save it for some -perfect- fabric.