Pushing Pencil Skirts

After looking at Fashion or Fiction's recent outfits with cute pencil skirts (see here and here for proof), I went through my wardrobe. I do not own a single pencil skirt. I own lots of A-line skirts, but none of the lovely fitted skirts. So I went online to see what some cute versions were and saw these:
J.Crew's No. 2 pencil skirt (love the name!) comes in a bunch of colors and prints

Side-banded pencil skirt from The Limited. You have to go to their site to really see the detailing on the sides...super cute!
Curved Waistband Pencil Skirt. Another cute one from The Limited! I really like the curved waistband and the button detailing on the side.
Dana Buchman's Animal Pencil Skirt at Kohls. I love me some animal print, but I dom't really think "animal" when I see this. I still like it though.

However, these skirts are $40+ a piece. Right now, I am pretty budget conscientious. *sigh* A while back I did snag a Butterick Pattern (5249) on a pattern sale for $1.99. Although there are 4 different view, I feel like I could make 3 of the 4 without it being obvious it's the same pattern. I'd probably make A, B, and C. I feel like D may have a little too much going on.. Also, I would probably belt B but not C.

Are there any fashion staples that are surprisingly missing in your wardrobe?

On an unrelated note, today was supposed to be the first day of school. However, due to Hurricane Irene causing some power outages in my school district and many roads closed, we do not have school today. It's weird, because I live about 20 minutes away and everything was fine.

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miamihoney said...

White button up shirts- I don't have one :( And our first day of classes was canceled today too.