Slow and steady

I'm finally past cutting out the muslin of my pants. This sewing garment marks three new things that I have -never- done before:
  1. Pants (in my opinion, pajama pants don't count, because there really isn't a fit issue
  2. Making a muslin
  3. Using Tailor's Tacks instead of my fabric-marking pen
Why so many new things, you may be thinking. I'm not really thinking why so many new things as "why did I want to tackle this all at once? In the same garment?"

While I wouldn't say pants are a staple to my wardrobe, they do come in handy, especially in the winter. Because I like the lower waist, I'm still buying my pants in the junior department (Stacy London would probably yell at me if she knew =P).But pants in the junior department are often excessively trendy or cheaply made. So... why not try pants?

Knowing I want a lower waist, and most misses patterns don't, and knowing that men have better sizing options than women, and knowing I want them to fit well, I want to make them. I figure if I can make pants that fit, I can just reuse the pattern and have more than  the 3(!) pairs of pants in my closet. Plus, I want to try coats, and possibly further down the road, jeans (using Peter's Jeans Sew-along for help, of course!)

And then that brings me to Tailor's Tacks. Why use them if I normally use a marking pen? One, the marking pens come in sky blue and lavender, which won't show up too well on a dark dress pant material. Two, once school starts, I won't have as much time to sew, so there will be gaps in my sewing. I know that the marking pens fade over time, and I really don't want to deal with that. I'm hoping to write a more in-depth review of tailor's tacks in the future; for now I just wanted to say I'm trying them.

Whew! That was a lot to write. Here are some pictures of my progress on my pants muslin that I marked with tailor's tacks! Enjoy.

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