Time for a new quilt

I feel school creeping up on me. Our inservice days start next Tuesday. I stopped by today to make a list of items I still need to purchase. It's been cool and rainy here as well. And as soon as I start dreaming about all of the things that can go wrong that first day, I know that summer will really be over.

For me, this means a transition into new types of projects. More of an emphasis on knitting and cold-weather items (This would be a much better time to work on my dress pants). I am still working on my wristwarmers, but the big new item I have in mind is a new quilt for our bed.

My current quilt is still functional, but I feel the celestial theme is a little too new-age for me. I saw this quilt in Keepsake Quilting, and I knew I had to replicate it.

Image from Keepsake Quilting

At this point, I have most of the inner blocks cut out.I'm not buying the pattern, but my looking at the finished picture, I made some 4x2" rectangles (finished size), some 4x4" squares (finished size), and some 4x6" rectangles (finished size). I'm haphazardly piecing them to appear as random as possible. I'm guessing the inner border is 2-3", and the outer border is around 8". I do not have leaf or outer border fabric yet, but at least I'm working on it! I know this quilt has a decidedly "fall" look to it, so I may make all of the leaves shades of green so I can use it year round.

Do you switch the types of projects you work on when the seasons change?

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