Fabric Decisions

I have some fabric decisions to make. I am currently working on a shirt for my friend's birthday. I am basing the shirt off of one that I already own.

Okay, so I gravitate to a certain style and fit for RTW. Don't judge me! =P

This should be easy in terms of  construction: another raglan-sleeved top with shirring detail (there is a side tie bow at the bottom that got cut off a little bit).

I picked out the fabric below for the top. Unfortunately, I am in love with both sides equally. The lighter side is supposed to be the "right" side, but you really can't tell that the darker side is the "wrong side". I do not want to do something where both sides are visible. My boyfriend suggested making it reversible, but that's far too much work for a shirt that needs to be finished in about a week.
I can't decide!
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