Not a lotta luck at JoAnn

I went into JoAnn Fabrics yesterday with a pretty solid list of things I was looking for. However, I think the budget gods (money's a teensy bit tight at the moment) were trying to help me out because after an hour and a half in the store, I nearly walked out empty handed.

My goal was to obtain the following:
  • Fabric for my pants. Preferably in a brown solid, or at least something in the brown family
  • Lining for my dress. I would have used the original fabric I bought, but I wanted the lining to be a teensy bit stiffer, and that fabric is back up to $12.99 a yard.
  • Fabric for a pencil skirt. I was hoping for a lovely purple shade.
So I go into the store. First off, it is -packed-. It's a Friday afternoon, but I have never seen so many people in the store. It turns out there is a 50% sale on all red-tag items. There are far too many children running around without supervision and crying. There's a reason I teach high school and not elementary school.

I start with the pants. Now, I guess either a) I really know nothing about fabric, or b)JoAnn just wanted to mess with me. On the back of all the pattern envelopes, they give fabric recommendations, and because I have invested so much time in these pants, I thought I'd listen to them instead of just pick what I want.

JoAnn Fabrics does not use words like "garbadine" and "tricot". They just say "suiting fabrics", and for me, there was a hug variety in the drape and weight of the fabrics in that section. And forget the tricot. I had no idea where to look for that. If it weren't so busy, I'd play stupid customer, but there I was. (In hindsight, I should have taken all those notes about fabric types I wanted to from that lovely library book)

Feeling frustrated, I went to the back, the clearance section. I find this awesome corduroy-esque material that would be awesome for pants (maybe it's not garbadine, but I just want something at this point).
After searching online, this is the closest visual I could find. However, the cord part was almost patterned
So I take my victorious fabric up to the counter. However, the top two yards are a separate piece, and the actual bolt is a slightly different dye lot. It was more of a peachy tan than a mustard one, so I didn't buy it.

What did I end up purchasing, you may be wondering at this point.

A zipper (that doesn't really match) for the Butterick 5029 dress I was deliberating on, notions for said dress, interfacing for the pants (it was already cut before the corduroy failure), and the lining for the dress. At least I have some complete project to work on, yes?

I don't want to be mean to JoAnns. There were a lot of things I wanted to buy for future projects, I just had no look for what I wanted at the present moment. Oh well!


miamihoney said...

Your perfect fabric is waiting for you. Try the online fabric shops- they are all having sales for the holiday weekend.
JoAnn's has disappointed me many times too.

Heather said...

Same here. They didn't have the rolled hem foot I want, and very rarely have any fabric I want. I'll be heading to downtown LA's fashion district eventually.