Pleated Sleeve Blouse Refasion

I bought a few items from Goodwill last weekend to modify as wardrobe additions. At this point, I've only managed to do one of them.

I went from this:

Basic, black, long-sleeved button down. Nothing really wrong with it, but it's just dull.
 To this:

Those are chemical structures embroidered on the tie. Awesome, I know.

Basically, all I did was cut off the sleeves with about a 1" seam allowance. I then took the remaining portions of the sleeves and cut them into 2" wide strips. I folded them in half and then pleated them to fit the circumference of the sleeve hole. From there I sewed them on and added some topstitching for a decorative and functional effect.

I'm not a long-sleeved person, so I was very happy with how this turned out. A lovely new shirt for only $3.50!

Do you do any Goodwill modifications to clothes to make them more "you"?


miamihoney said...

Looks great! I try to thrift shop and I always fail :( My buddy says she is going to teach me so hopefully that will change.

Natasha said...

I love it- I am a big fan of thrift re-dos. I have mostly worked with sweaters but am inspired to try a shirt. LOVE the tie-perfect!

Meghan said...

Thanks to both! I know there are tons of refashions out there. I have so many bookmarked, I don't know where to start!