Remake of a favorite shirt

I regret my closet purge. I mean, I wouldn't regret it so much if I had restocked my closet since then. But with the exception of a few items, I fell like I am lacking some items--basic staples, cardigans {I'm hoping to snag one or two at Goodwill and spruce them up them using Grosgrain as inspiration, and a few other work-home double pieces.

I have this one shirt (really a dressy T-shirt/peasant blouse hybrid) from Old Navy that I love. In purple. But, like many of my well-loved garments, it's got some wear and tear issues. I can totally fix it, but I am waiting on purple thread I know I have in my stash at my brother's house.

The original Old Navy top. From this picture you can't tell, but the bottom band is split along one seam and elasticity has been lost around the bottom band and a little on the neckline.
Yesterday, I went to JoAnn to get some more thread for my Butterick dress. And while I was there, I saw this adorable fabric that I felt compelled to buy. When I got home, I decided to remake my Old Navy shirt.

In terms of construction, this garment is pretty simple. It's a raglan-style T with a shirred band at the bottom. I simply traced around the shirt (stretching where appropriate) and gave myself about 1/2" seam allowance. I overcast all of the seams on the inside to prevent fraying and overcast the edges around the neckline as in the original.

Some alterations I made were to add shirring on the sleeves (just one row) and overcast the sleeve edges instead of hemming them. I also added two non-functional buttons to the front.

Normally I would model my clothes, but I am still sporting a black eye and a swollen face from the surgery, so my dress form will have to do.

I love the shirt, but I don't know if I am 100% sold on the buttons. I can't decide if I should add 1-2 more, or if I should remove them both. Any suggestions?


miamihoney said...

I like it a lot! I say no buttons- the fabric is great :)

Meghan said...

Thanks! I took it for a test run today, and the buttons keep turning! I'm either going to have to move them or take them off completely...