The sucessful fabric

I did mention that I did not have the best of luck at JoAnn fabrics recently, but I am pushing forward with the one dress. And boy, is it taking a while to drape the front! I want it to be as symmetrical and even as possible, so I have pinned this thing far beyond excess. I think I am going to do all of the gathering on the top pieces before I baste them and then sew them together. I feel that if I were to do it one after the other, as the directions state, that the pieces might look too different (or I am probably just being paranoid).

I did remember to prewash this fabric (I forget that a lot. Or, if I do remember, I hand wash it because spending $1.75 to wash and $1.75 to dry one piece of fabric seems far too expensive), so hopefully it will fit after the first was or two!

The pictures I have aren't fabulous, but they show enough detail for you to see my pinning obsession. =D

Are there any time-consuming techniques that you feel have to be "just right" and are worth an extra hour of fussing until you find it perfect?

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miamihoney said...

Holy pins Batman, that's a LOT of pins :) I am sure it will turn out perfect. I fight the urge to be a lazy sewer so I don't have anything I spend way much time fussing with unless fabric selection and purchasing counts :)