Sewing gods aren't smiling

I am currently taking two sick days to recover from some -lovely- oral surgery where the last of my baby teeth (yes, at the age of 23, I still had 4 baby teeth: my canines) were yanked out, my gums were cut into, my jaw was drilled a bit, and the new teeth have brackets and chains just waiting to be attached. Mentally, I'm good, But I can't really talk without pain. And as a teacher, I kinda have to talk. I hope I'll be up to going to work tomorrow. Grad school tonight will be my test.

But enough about life's unpleasantries, let's talk about sewing unpleasantries. I had ONE goal this weekend: to finish up the green dress (Butterick 5029) that I've mentioned here and here. All was going well.
The back

Cute strap detail

I thought to myself Wow, I'm actually going to make this arbitrary sewing deadline I set for myself. How cool!
The front, which looks awesome1

...and then I ran out of thread gathering the skirt portion. At this point it was close to 5pm on a Sunday afternoon. Yes, I could have gone to JoAnn and gotten more thread (the Boy even volunteered to go with me/do it for me!), but I decided to throw in the towel for the night.

In other news, I went to JoAnn with my sister-in-law and did find fabric for my dress pants. It was a tad more than I wanted to pay, but I managed to get that lovely camel color. It's been prewashed; now I just need time to actually lay out the pattern pieces and cut! I'm nervous!


miamihoney said...

feel better and the new header is very nice :)

Meghan said...

Thanks on both accounts! And I figured since school has started, I should go with the theme. =D