Finished Birthday Present

For my friend's belated birthday present, I finally made a decision about which side of the fabric to use.

After a rather long and frustrating week, when I got home on Friday I decided to just make her shirt.

However, things got a little frustrating. For my birthday, Ryan got me a serger (Brother 1034D). I've been debating whether or not to actually keep it, because a few months ago I learned about overcasting and have declared that I don't need a serger after all. But, I decided that I could test the waters on this project.


However, when you figure things out and the thread stops breaking because you finally have the tension right, so you don't have to spend 5+ minutes threading the darned thing, some pretty cool stuff happens.

The front (with a kitty standing guard)

The back

Side bow detail

My tag
I think that despite the swearing and frustration, I will keep the serger. I will admit that the entire thing was not done on the serger. The shirring was done on my Janome, and seams where I was very nervous, I sewed with the Janome first and serged afterward. But the bulk of the seams were serged (it takes a LOT of faith).

There are some neat features on this machine, but I think I will just stick with the 4 thread overlock stitch for a few months until I feel more comfortable.

How have you expanded your sewing knowledge lately?



I find it funny how much I like sewing, but I cannot stand mending.

Take these dress pants. They have been sitting in a mending pile for over 8 months because a button popped off.

The button has been masking tape to the left leg so I would easily have access to the button for mending. That didn't help me get it done -any- faster.
They took less than five minutes to sew the button on. Why did I wait so long to do something so simple?

Is there anyone else that puts off simple mending for no other reason than you just don't want to do it?


Baking season has begun

I know that the weather has been switching back and forth a lot recently, but I've at least been able to experience a little bit of fall and it's been lovely.

I have yet to make anything pumpkin related, but I enjoy fall because I can use the oven without causing my apartment to become sweltering.

These cookies were very fudgy chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips. These came from The Good Cookie, which is not my favorite cook book, but it has some pretty solid recipes.

What have you baked recently?


Fixing of the Green Dress

Hello TSKB Readers!

Oh, this dress. So close to being finished, and yet I feel I always am delayed.

At this point, I just need to let it hang for hemming. But then the kitties tried to attack it, so I had to fold it and put it away. And I haven't been able to find a non-busy weekend where I can let it sit undisturbed for 24 hours so I can hem it again.

I also need to do some TINY handsewing to cover up a few more portions of the zipper opening. And fix the hook and eyes. But these are minor things


Birthday Cake

I have not been much into posting lately, and for that I apologize.

I have a very belated picture of my birthday cake. Apparently, you should not decorate a cake 24 hours before eating it and stick it in the fridge, as the designs will dissolve and turn into mush like it did above.

However, it tasted delicious. This recipe was taken from a cookbook at home, and I will forever use the icing recipe for all flavors. The icing spreads really well, isn't too thick or thin, and tastes great.

For the icing, you combine
  • 2 cups of cool whip
  • 1 cup of cold mix
  • 1 box of instant pudding mix, any flavor (the smaller 3.4 ounce package)
This was butterscotch icing on a chocolate cake drizzled with caramel (that sorta melted). I encourage you to try this icing recipe!


Pants Progress

The pants fabric has officially been cut. I've sewed all but the waistband and hemmed the pants. I would have taken better pictures, but I'm feeling under the weather (I'm thinking sinus infection), so this isn't the best post. I hate to admit it, but I haven't even tried them on yet...

Molly insists on being involved in the quality control progress...

Detailed shot of the fly. I know I should have chosen a darker zipper than the fabric, but oh well!

To read about all the progress that has gone into these Vogue 1051 pants, click here.