A finished Green Dress

Hello TSKB Readers!

The green dress is at last finished and modeled. There have been -many- posts regarding this number. I don't think I will ever wear it without some sort or cardigan because despite my desperate tweaking, the zipper never came out as good as I had hoped.

Please! If you have tutorials on flawless invisible zipper installations, link them to me. There are many on the internet, but if I can have ones that are reader-approved, maybe I will have a successful zipper installation in the future.

The pants that I've been working on are almost finished--I just need to hem them. I have a final exam on Tuesday, but after that, I may post more than once in a week span. *gasp*

But for now, enjoy these two shots of Butterick 5029. Hopefully I'll get them on Burdastyle by the end of the year.

Pufferfish face. Because I loathe serious pictures.


Dress Inspiration

So, grad school + 3 preps of teaching + 1 new prep + gym = no real sewing,

I have been crafting, just slowly, sporadically, and not posting anything. There are pictures, though.

In the meantime, I saw this on discount at JCrew and I wanted to store it for inspiration. This dress looks super cute and super easy. And at $30 on clearance, I could pay for it. But, it seems too summery to buy now. I'd rather hold on to it and wait for spring.

Dress from JCrew

Have you seen any cute inspiration ideas that are out of season lately?