No More Snorlax

I am retiring from making Snorlax themed items. Yes, it was fun making the baby onesies for my sister-in-law as they announced the gender of their child-to-be back in August. Then I made a matching T-shirt for the Dad-to-be's birthday. And then a baby blanket shaped like Snorlax was requested. Originally, my brother wanted a large version of the baby blanket for himself.

Until I showed him the famous Snorlax beanbag chair posted on Deviant by SmellenJR (She has a bit of a how-to on this page if you want to re-make your own). Then he decided that he wanted a Snorlax beanbag chair instead.

I finished it Christmas Eve. It has a few flaws, but despite those flaws, I am pretty stoked on how it turned out.

That being said...no more Snorlax.

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