Yet another Birthday Present for a friend

I made this tunic shirt as a birthday present for my friend at the beginning of November. I wanted to make sure she received it in the mail before I posted it on my blog.

I traced around a large T-shirt for sizing, as she and I are not the same size.

This is the second time (Day 16 of Me Made June) I used The Sewing Convert's tutorial on making the One Hour Caftan. While I originally like the other one I made, I made the sleeves too long, and it ended up going to Goodwill after a few months. This one I drastically shortened the sleeves.

I completely fell in love with the fabric and design combination for this piece. So... I went back to JoAnn Fabrics, bought more fabric, and basically made a dress version of this for myself. Once I get a decent picture of me modeling the dress, I'll post more about it.

Have you ever made a gift for someone else that you pretty much ended up duplicating?


miamihoney said...

Great job! I would want to keep that for myself too.
I normally buy a little extra fabric for the purpose of making something for me too :)

Meghan said...

I would love to do that, but with a teeny apartment, there is no space for fun stuff like that. =(