2 Indicators of a Good Teacher

This is not a major post about crafting, so if you're not an educator or not interested in education, you may want to skip this post.

Yesterday we had an in-service day, and our opening presentation was "Why Teach". It highlighted the stories of three individual teachers in our district of various ages, disciplines, and backgrounds. While all of the stories were entertaining and moving, there was one presentation where the speaker mentioned two indicators of a good teacher. These were not things that he made up himself; they were told to him by a fellow teacher. I really like both of them.
  • Make them want to be there
  • Teach resiliency
Even though I have been having some personal struggles with whether or not I've made the right career decision, I think that I will really focus on these two ideas. They don't mention content at all, and that's okay. By making them want to be there, they will be more open to receiving knowledge (an issue that I'm struggling with with 2 of my four classes). By teaching resiliency, or even demonstrating it, maybe they'll persevere more and stop giving up / whining so much.

In terms of crafting, I've been focusing on little projects. I saw this idea on Dollar Store Crafts, and it's a great way to use up tiny leftover bits of yarn. So far I've probably made a half a dozen chains for it.

What do you think about the above two indicators? While they are things that can't directly be measured, do you feel that they highlight a good teacher?

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