Being resourceful--jacket relining

About 4 years ago, my father had me mend the lining in a jacket. I fixed the holes in the pocket, and did a pathetic job mending some of the worn areas in the back.

About 2 years ago, my father asked if I would be able to reline the entire jacket. Feeling naive but confident, I agreed.

Then I panicked. I knew nothing about jacket linings. The fabric I had surgically removed from the jacket was falling apart.

 My solution? Cram the old lining into my fabric stash and not look at it.

Fast forward to a week ago. I find this brown fabric sitting at the bottom of my fabric stash. I look at it and remember I was supposed to do something with this YEARS ago.

I also found some green fabric that would be suitable for lining. Knowing my father does not care about colors or matching at all. I decided to go for it.

I first cut away all of the seam allowances to yield individual pieces. Again, I had to tread rather lightly as this fabric wasn't in the greatest shape.

Then I simply pinned the old pieces down to the new fabric, gave them 3/8" seam allowance, and cut the individual pieces out.
I had to do some research when it came to the sleeves. I am used to one-piece sleeves, although many will argue that two-pieced sleeves give a better fit. I eventually found out that the smaller piece goes on the bottom, while the larger piece stays on top. Then I sewed the entire thing together.
The wrong side showing---as the lining will be sewn into the jacket

The right side showing--this is what will make contact with the skin
Now, I had some issues with the green fabric. It didn't fray too badly, but I did make sure to serge all edges because I will not see my dad for at least a month and I want this intact (Can't wait to sew the lining in by hand...) when I see him.

My issue was I...kinda ran out of fabric. So, like with my scrappy slip, I had to be a tad resourceful. Again, if I were making this for anyone but my dad, I would have either bought a separate fabric for the sleeves, or bought all new lining fabric so everything matched.

This one under sleeve piece is made from FOUR different pieces sewn together!

Except for the fact that I have not sewn the actual lining in, I would say that relining a jacket is not that terrible and you may want to try it to save a jacket.

Have you ever relined a garment? Was the experience good or bad?


Brigita said...

I must say you're very resourceful and you really made good use of the fabric, pieacing the sleeve together from multiple pieces.

I have never re-lined a garment, but I hate lining as it is. I recently finished a coat and lining it was actually the hardest part for me. :( You're much better at it than me.

Meghan said...

Thanks! I was pretty proud of my fabric arrangement. =)

miamihoney said...

Oh my! I have never thought about lining anything and look you did it! Awesome job!!!