After seeing so many lovely posts on Sweet Sugar Belle's blog, I felt a desire to make and ice cookies. I entered toe world of royal icing, flood icing, and 20-second icing.

A few pointers
  • Give yourself a LOT of time to do this. To make the cookies, make the icing, then decorate. The whole thing took me about 5 or 6 hours, and these guys are all uniform.
  • Do not go into this tired and stressed because you'll end up tired (and possibly stressed) the first time
  • Gen an electric mixer. Getting icing to peak by hand is long and exhausting.
But, I do have promising results. I outlined the cookies in royal icing, then took the leftovers and thinned white, red, yellow, and blue icing. After some experimenting and toothpick swirling, I got some trippy looking dinos.

This is NOT an everyday endeavor, but I am glad that I tried it.

How do you do cookies?

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