Remember Fallene? She was a contestant on Project Runway two years ago?

I remember watching the episode in which Fallene was "aufed". There was a scene with she, Bryce, and the concept of grain.

When watching the episode, I remember feeling very smug. "Really? Someone can make to Project Runway without understanding the importance of grain? Even home sewers, the people the contestants usually mock, know what grain is."

Yesterday I ate my own words.

I was working on New Look 6490. This was a pattern that my younger sister had purchased in high school to be part of her graduation project. It was something quick, easy, and pretty to get me out of my sewing slump. I have resolved to not purchase any new textiles until June as money is tight. I had some shiny synthetic material that matched the pink on the envelope cover. I sewed, serged, improved upon the directions, and threw in some french seams for good measure.

Hem is not ironed, but it is even, I promise.

I then went to try it on Gert, my dress form, for the strap placement. I found it a little difficult to pull over her shoulders. However, I wasn't too worried as Gert seems to have a different body shape than I, even though she's dialed into my size. In addition, I went a size up after looking at the actual tissue pieces.

So then I tried it on me. I couldn't get it on at all. I panicked. Why wasn't this fitting!? Then I remembered...I had less than the 1.25 yards they had asked for. Thinking that it seemed to have decent ease, and remembering the larger size, I cut the main front piece and the main back piece on the GRAIN instead of on the BIAS, as the directions said. When cut on the bias, I would have horizontal and vertical give, which would allow me to get it over my shoulders.

Judge not, huh? I guess this will go to my younger sister, who initially bought the pattern, because she's super tiny and can definitely squeeze into it. It's a shame though... I was really proud of how it looks and how well the construction is. Perhaps I was not ready to tackle big projects yet. =P

When have you gone against the rules and it's come back to bite you in the butt?


miamihoney said...

i don't follow the rules because I rarely read them :) But what a cute fun top. Your little sister will be thrilled with your mess up!

Unknown said...

Yes!! I love it :) great job, as always <3