Is this WIP really worth holding on to?

I recently posted that I finished creating the lining for my dad's jacket that I was supposed to finish years ago. I listed a few reasons why I finally started it, but I wanted to share one more reason.

Back at the beginning of January, many bloggers were posting their resolutions for the year. I tend to fall short in this category, so I didn't bother. I did stumble upon this reSEWloution list from No Big Dill, and I think I will use this to help evaluate some of the knitting / sewing / quilting WIPs that are floating around.

Other random news: a fellow teacher came to my classroom one day after school and asked if I could alter a skirt for her. My reputation as a sewer is being established! Here is the skirt to be modified.

I know it's belated, but did you make any crafting resolutions this year?

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miamihoney said...

Cool, that your colleague asked you to sew for her. Crafty resolutions would be to actually craft instead of procrastinating :)