More shoe updates

First off, I found a fantastic tutorial by icandyhandmade that shows you how to remake shoe insoles. While I did not follow this method, it seems to be a great starting point if you are interested in re-doing your insoles.

Secondly, I revamped a pair of shoes. I made them glittery. I have a bunch of preparation pictures up to the point where I actually started glitterizing (suuure, its a word) them.

Hole in the toe! Oh no~

At that point, I alternated between spray adhesive and glitter, letting the shoe dry about 2 hours between coats. I did around 3 coats.

I did a test run with them at school yesterday, and they fared fairly well. The toe area (with the hole that I was trying to cover and hence save the shoes) fell off. I think I will add a coat of clear acrylic spray after I fix these.

My mission is to do a second pair in black glitter, and possibly a third in gold. Maybe heels?

I fixed these insoles as well.

Have you ever modified shoes?

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