New insoles for old shoes

I have a pair of ballet flats that have suffered through a lot of puddle walking. My grad classes are in Philly, and the city has notoriously bad drainage.

The shoes themselves were okay, but the insoles were looking preeeety rough. The fabric was fraying, the insole no longer was attached to the shoe, they looked ugly, they smelled funky... I was ready to either toss them or find a way to repair them.

Over Christmas break, I was looking though the many pages I bookmarked, and I remembered Grosgrain's tutorial on making new insoles for shoes. While I did not follow her tutorial, it was a great source of inspiration.

Shoes saved!

What tutorials have you drawn inspiration from lately?


miamihoney said...

Wow, what a smart idea. I have a pair in the trash pile that I need to rescue for this exact purpose. I wil have to give this a go. Thanks!

Meghan said...

I am glad I can help! My newest post has a step-by-step from iCandy that should be of even more help!