Scrappy Slip

I decided to make myself a second slip. I used scraps of fabric from two prior projects
Green Dress (Vogue 1120)
Three Generation Dress (McCall 6011)

I saw on Pattern Scissors Cloth the gorgeous ruby slip pattern she made...and did a sewalong for! While I want to make that slip, my goal at the moment is not to buy fabric until at least April. So scraps it is!

I used the same pattern as before, and it turned out okkkay.. I'm not totally in love with the strips in front (I was too lazy to adjust the tension on my serger), or their wobbliness, but for a slip under a dress, it will do just fine. In the winter it's lovely to have an additional layer of warmth.

How do you use up scraps of fabric from prior projects?

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Tey said...

I really love the second dress. I think I've seen you wear it before but I can't remember. Definitely not something I could pull off but you look super cute