Custom Pillows

I don't do a lot of home decor sewing. Mainly because our tiny apartment doesn't have a lot to decorate, but that is beside the point. My boyfriend's brother turned 20 last Friday. For a college student that likes money and music, it is difficult to get him gifts. I really do not like to give people cash as a present...especially if I know them well enough.

So, I went the craft route. I know some of the bands he liked, and set about making some pillows for his bedroom featuring the bands he likes.

These were super easy to do. I made the pillowcases, but you could easily do this on pre- purchased pillows. Last weekend, my brother and I went to Goodwill to buy T-shirts to use the same technique, but we could not find any(!) medium shirts for him. So I guess my tutorial will have to wait. I am so going to make an Admiral Ackbar shirt. 

Keeping along with the home decor idea, I saw this link on magnetic spice jars. While it's not worth it to do in our current apartment, I definitely want to do this at a future place. What kinds of home decor do you do?

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Harmony said...

These are awesome!