I apologize for the hiatus--some issues at school have really gotten me down and I havent felt like doing much of anything, let alone blog.

In the past few weeks, I have had something (a multimeter) stolen from my classroom. I asked for it back, no questions asked. I have taken away lab activities for my students. I have gotten security involved. I had students help me tear my classroom apart in case someone hid it to be funny. The item costs $66. I have students offer to just buy me a new one so they can do lab exercises again, but to me, its the principle. You don't taken items that aren't yours. Students have decided that one student took it (without proof), so now it's become an unofficial witch hunt...something else I had to address.

I had a student call me a "big, fat liar" because he claims that I have NEVER warned him to put his phone away (we have a no visibility/use of cell phones during the school day policy...something that is difficult to enforce because some teachers do not enforce the policy, so when you do follow the rules, you become the "bad guy". He then told me that the whole thing was bullshit, since if he was already getting a detention, he might as well "get his moneys worth".

Then I had a senior who hid a girl's shoes and refused to give them back, so I had to. This student also disappeared from my room. I typically don't make students ask for permission to use the bathroom, but I do make them sign out. We were playing a review game, and at the end of the class, I was handing out papers. This student wasn't in the room. With two minutes to the bell, I figured that maybe s/he went to the bathroom. There was nothing on the bathroom sign out sheet. I went to talk to another teacher; it turns out that my students simply left my room to visit this other teacher.

I have rules in my classroom. And procedures. And discipline. For 2/4 classes, these things work fine. But as a mother said, "My son is a senior just waiting to graduate. Cut him some slack" (this was in response to her child flipping out and slamming his books on the desk because I called him out for being late...and we had guest speakers that day). I feel at a loss. So I have just been coming home and collapsing on the couch until I have to make dinner. And then I eat, and do more of nothing and then sleep.

Whew! /endrant

In the sewing world, I haven't been doing much, but I did at least finish the sewing job from my coworker. Her gorgeous patchwork skirt was difficult to walk in, so she wanted slits put in the sides. At first I thought it was going to be an issue with not enough fabric. But when I turned the skirt inside out....

The whole thing has French seams! The skirt apparently cost $110 (!), but considering it was all French seams, it was probably worth it. I definitely had enough fabric to put a slit in and hem the edges.

I got paid $10 to do this. I have -no- idea if that is a fair price (to either party), but she was fine with it as I was.

I also made my boyfriend's brothers birthday present, so I'll post about that this week (and hopefully put together a tutorial at a later date).

What things detract you from blogging?


miamihoney said...

What a yucky reason to have a hiatus. Here is where my veteran teaching experience comes in handy, let it go. As in don't change your expectations, stick by your principles and let it go. Come home and leave all of that stuff at work. Sew, blog, laugh etc. Just find the happy because it is all that really matters. Sorry you are going through a rough patch! It WILL get better!

Harmony said...

Ugh I don't know how you've put up with kids this long. I hope it gets better.

I like the modifications to the skirt - I would be terrified to touch one that expensive haha

Natasha said...

So sorry and so comforting to read. Why? I have been subbing a lot and have similar struggles with students especially as a sub. I had a student tell me he was going to the office....okay...only to find out he left school to run home to get a snack for the movie we were watching. When I confronted him he told me "I'm a senior and do not really care". ugh. It is very frusterating, i feel your pain and appreciate your sharing.