Sloper Sadness/Madness

I can use a pattern to sew. I can even do teensy alterations on a pattern. But, I have always wanted to expand my options. Over the past few months I have toyed with the idea of trying to make a basic sloper for patterns.

When I look at my two current favorite sewing books,, I see so many options of altering a sloper to change the look of a pattern. My problem is I don't have a sloper!

I have looked at many different websites on this issue
...and then the site I used to make my first sloper. I am unsure if the sloper instructions are wrong, or if I did a calculation wrong, or if I did a measurement wrong, but it is bad in so many different ways. See below.

Initially, it doesn't seem too bad. There's a weird angle to the shoulder, and it goes far past the waist, but...

Wait, what? Why is the side bust dart NOWHERE near where it should be? My finger is pointing to the apex of the bust. It's a good 3" too low AND it is more than 1" away from the apex.

Wow....Just wow. When I was doing all of the measurements and drawing, I thought the angle of the should looked a little steep, but I went with it because I didn't know any better. Also, we're a good 1" away from even pretending to touch the seam.

I can't decide if the gigantic armhole is more sad to look at, or if the gaping at the bust area is. Perhaps if the dart weren't 3" too low I may not have gaping, but that doesn't save the armhole.

Now, to be fair, I did this about well over a week ago, and I didn't know what the word "truing" was until this past weekend (a great visual rendition here). Perhaps if I trued (is that the past tense?) it would work...

I decided to try Pattern-making.com's instructions next. We'll see how they go.

Any other tips or useful links for a novice drafter?


Togepi Cupcakes

Thursday was my nephew's 3-month birthday. So we had a mini celebration for the little guy.

His nursery is done up in Pokemon theme, and it appears his "favorite" is Togepi. If you look at the picture below, I think it is because Togepi's shell has high contrast. I know babies can't really see color at this point in development, but they can recognize contrast.

Anyway, I was in charge of cupcakes. So I decided to make them look like Togepi.

They're not terrible, but I think I would have been much better off if I had not purchased whipped icing. The traditional icing would have been much better for his spikes. I tried to decorate cookies on the more professional scale recently, and I am not very good at it! I have no idea how someone can be so patient when it comes to something you will eat in less than 30 seconds. =P

What kind of special decorating have you done for a birthday?


Engagement Cookies

A couple of weeks back my boyfriend and I were invited to an engagement party. Unfortunately, I could not attend because my parents were down from Syracuse and I had already made plans to visit them the entire weekend.

To make up for it, I turned to baking (as I often do =D)

I had limited success with my cookie stamper before (especially because my instructions were in Japanese), but after checking out a similar product that Williams Sonoma has, I think the importance is in the thickness of the dough. I normally roll cookies out to 1/8", but it seem that 1/4" is the way to go.

Pretty cute, right? I did not do so well in the chocolate icing department. I think next time I make cookies with the press I may just leave them plain. Can a cookie be too plain?

And then, because the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be are nerds, I made their card as well.

What kinds of baking have you done recently? I have my grandma's double toffee coffee cake recipe that I am dying to make, but I'm waiting it out for a bit.


Bicycle Frock Grosgrain Giveaway

Sorry for the lack of posting lately...I've been trying to draft a sloper and it's going wrong in every way possible.

I was checking my blogs since it's such a lovely day, and I saw that Grosgrain is having a dress giveaway! I am always impressed by the things she can do. If you've never checked out her site, I would absolutely do.

This is the dress! I always love her photography skills as well. If you've seen the poorly lit excuses of photography from inside my apartment, you'd understand. Image via Grosgrainfabulous.blogspot.com
Below is a link to see the specific giveaway. I'd enter if I were you! It's a gorgeous dress!

Bicycle Frock Grosgrain Giveaway

What giveaways have you entered recently?