Engagement Cookies

A couple of weeks back my boyfriend and I were invited to an engagement party. Unfortunately, I could not attend because my parents were down from Syracuse and I had already made plans to visit them the entire weekend.

To make up for it, I turned to baking (as I often do =D)

I had limited success with my cookie stamper before (especially because my instructions were in Japanese), but after checking out a similar product that Williams Sonoma has, I think the importance is in the thickness of the dough. I normally roll cookies out to 1/8", but it seem that 1/4" is the way to go.

Pretty cute, right? I did not do so well in the chocolate icing department. I think next time I make cookies with the press I may just leave them plain. Can a cookie be too plain?

And then, because the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be are nerds, I made their card as well.

What kinds of baking have you done recently? I have my grandma's double toffee coffee cake recipe that I am dying to make, but I'm waiting it out for a bit.


Harmony said...

Those are some nifty cookies. I was wondering how your cookie stamper worked out. I love the card too, obviously :)

Meghan said...

Thanks! =D