I finished working on the second blouse I made using the same pattern pieces from my Harmony pattern.

The second time did not work as well as the first.

I somehow cut the shirt a good 2-4" too short (see Gert).

The bust darts looked miserable (I removed them). The neckline also gaped, but I think that was my bad in using the bias tape...

So I thought....and thought some more. This was leftover fabric from a stash, and I didn't have a whole lot remaining to work with. I remembered the shirred band from my Old Navy Remake, so I decided to go in that direction. I think I was also pulled in that direction with the two buttons--yay or nay? I kept them on the old shirt, in case inquiring minds ever wanted to know.

 It's...nice. I finished it a week ago and have yet to wear it (doesn't sound too promising, I know). Did I have any other options for the length? I guess it's disappointing because it is pretty far from what I envisioned, and I used the same pattern! Also, I know have three very similar shirts in my closet. I'm thinking of going back in and adding a slight waist definition in the portion above the band.



A perfect Saturday

I am working on the new blouse I mentioned last post.. I have run into some issues, but I hope to have it resolved today, so I can post all about it tomorrow.

Yesterday I had such an amazing day. And I really needed that kind of Saturday. No traveling or visiting friends and relatives. No major responsibilities. I got my hair cut, and then Ryan and I went for a picnic. We have lived at our current apartment complex for almost two whole years now, and we have never gone to the park right next to us. We'll be moving out June 1st, so I am glad we at least got to go to the park one time.

After that, I cleaned up a bit (which can be therapeutic), and then Ryan had a friend over so I got to play hostess. I made pasta with red sauce that had ground chicken in it, we had a nice garden salad, and I topped it off with this;

Kona Inn Banana Bread

I have yet to find a recipe that tops this Kona Inn Banana Bread Recipe. I have the recipe in my Baker's Dozen cookbook, but it is also online here. I've made it before, but his was the first time I've made it in my new Bundt pan. I had initially bought this pan for my grandma's delicious coffee cake, but then I was told she uses a springform pan instead. I guess I need to buy one of those, now.

I don't know why this was such a great Saturday; there was nothing really out of the ordinary about it. But it was exactly what I needed. Life has been crazy: there have been family issues, family responsibilities, stress with students, stress with probably getting laid off (the woman I have been in for is coming back from her extended maternity leave and there are no science retirements this year...so it doesn't look good, the craziness of moving....it was good to have a day I felt so relaxed.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


New ideas and inspiration pictures

After being sooo happy with my Harmony pattern, I wanted to try to tweak it just the tiniest bit to use up some other fabric I have lying around. I am using the same exact pattern, but instead of a bow-tie at the front, I'm going to do a three button placket. I cannot draw on the computer at all, so I took the line drawking from Butterick 5300 and tweaked it on Paint.net

I have laid out the pieces...and that's about it. I love the fabric. It was in my mom's stash that I inherited, and I used it for one of the very first posts on my blog when I made my friend a vintage apron from scratch!

I really like all the lace that is on trend right now. I saw this vintage dress on Etsy via Grosgrain's blog, and I fell in love with it. While it has been sold, it should be pretty easy to recreate using various tutorials online.
Summer Witch Dress (sold) by HummingbirdVintage on Etsy
 Other lace dresses that I like (both are from Shabby Apple):

Is there a trend that you are fancying at the moment?


Sloper Madness Part III--Harmony!

It's all finished! I have successfully drafted a blouse from scratch (using my sloper) and sewn it together. I have, from soup to nuts, made a garment!

The blouse is a loose-fitting (with bust darts for shape) shirt with cap sleeves, gathering at the front shoulder seams, and v-neck tie.

I decided to name this design Harmony after my friend who is also a crafter. Also, Harmony got me the sewing book that carried me through this project. The book also gave me confidence and ideas to make other stuff. So, thank you Harmony!

What recent project are you particularly proud of? Please give me a link so I can see!


Sloper Madness Part II

I have been struggling with this sloper idea. As you saw from my previous entry, my first attempt was rather flawed. For my second attempt, I didn't want to have it be horrendous again--I do not have a lot of time to work on this stuff, and when it fails I feel like I have wasted WAY too much time.

Fortunately, the second paper sloper I made is MUCH better. Take a peek below. I put both paper sloper pieces on Gert so you can see the comparison.

Left is the original, right is the new one. The shoulder line hits the shoulder!
There is actually a defined bust and waist!
Left is the new one, right is the original. Look at the difference here!
The old bust dart (index finger is where it should be)
A curved bust! Huzzah!

I also took the time to make it out of fabric to see how it would really fit.

These I did add a seam allowance to sew together

There are NO seam allowances on these pieces, so I made a point to mark it on the actual pieces so I do not forget.

I am actually behind on blogging. I actually designed a blouse, modified my basic sloper to make it, and then made it! I have pictures and everything. I am hoping to post those this week.

Are you behind on blogging? Or is it only me that feels overwhelmed in spring?