I finished working on the second blouse I made using the same pattern pieces from my Harmony pattern.

The second time did not work as well as the first.

I somehow cut the shirt a good 2-4" too short (see Gert).

The bust darts looked miserable (I removed them). The neckline also gaped, but I think that was my bad in using the bias tape...

So I thought....and thought some more. This was leftover fabric from a stash, and I didn't have a whole lot remaining to work with. I remembered the shirred band from my Old Navy Remake, so I decided to go in that direction. I think I was also pulled in that direction with the two buttons--yay or nay? I kept them on the old shirt, in case inquiring minds ever wanted to know.

 It's...nice. I finished it a week ago and have yet to wear it (doesn't sound too promising, I know). Did I have any other options for the length? I guess it's disappointing because it is pretty far from what I envisioned, and I used the same pattern! Also, I know have three very similar shirts in my closet. I'm thinking of going back in and adding a slight waist definition in the portion above the band.


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miamihoney said...

You do such a great job making clothes. I am not that ambitious. I think it would look cute with a nice flowy skirt of some cute denim capris. I say leave it the way it is unless it doesn't flatter on your body. Good job!