New ideas and inspiration pictures

After being sooo happy with my Harmony pattern, I wanted to try to tweak it just the tiniest bit to use up some other fabric I have lying around. I am using the same exact pattern, but instead of a bow-tie at the front, I'm going to do a three button placket. I cannot draw on the computer at all, so I took the line drawking from Butterick 5300 and tweaked it on Paint.net

I have laid out the pieces...and that's about it. I love the fabric. It was in my mom's stash that I inherited, and I used it for one of the very first posts on my blog when I made my friend a vintage apron from scratch!

I really like all the lace that is on trend right now. I saw this vintage dress on Etsy via Grosgrain's blog, and I fell in love with it. While it has been sold, it should be pretty easy to recreate using various tutorials online.
Summer Witch Dress (sold) by HummingbirdVintage on Etsy
 Other lace dresses that I like (both are from Shabby Apple):

Is there a trend that you are fancying at the moment?

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