Sloper Madness Part II

I have been struggling with this sloper idea. As you saw from my previous entry, my first attempt was rather flawed. For my second attempt, I didn't want to have it be horrendous again--I do not have a lot of time to work on this stuff, and when it fails I feel like I have wasted WAY too much time.

Fortunately, the second paper sloper I made is MUCH better. Take a peek below. I put both paper sloper pieces on Gert so you can see the comparison.

Left is the original, right is the new one. The shoulder line hits the shoulder!
There is actually a defined bust and waist!
Left is the new one, right is the original. Look at the difference here!
The old bust dart (index finger is where it should be)
A curved bust! Huzzah!

I also took the time to make it out of fabric to see how it would really fit.

These I did add a seam allowance to sew together

There are NO seam allowances on these pieces, so I made a point to mark it on the actual pieces so I do not forget.

I am actually behind on blogging. I actually designed a blouse, modified my basic sloper to make it, and then made it! I have pictures and everything. I am hoping to post those this week.

Are you behind on blogging? Or is it only me that feels overwhelmed in spring?

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