Out kitchen has a brass chandelier. I do not like brass. At all. I would LOVE to make it pretty by painting it over, but that's not an option for renters. Here's what we started with.

It's not light, but the lights are pretty glaring. I decided to at lease distract from the brass with little lampshades. I went to A.C. Moore and bought them for ~$3 each.

I wanted to cover them with fabric, but then I worried that it'd be too permanent. I was then going to make a whole set like Diane did here, but I happened to really like the first set I made. I also used reversible scrapbook paper, so I could just turn them inside out. The biggest difference I made was not to tape the paper cover pieces together, but to make a tab-slot setup. This way I can reverse them if I want, and I can store them flat if I ever make more

I just slid these on top of the white mini lampshades and I was good to go. I have the darker blue-gray side showing. When it's not lit, that's all that shows.

But when it's lit....

How fun! I'm super happy with how they turned out!

I still have the brass chandelier, though. I'm thinking about wrapping it, but I dunno if that will look too hippy or cheesy. Maybe if I went with a thinner material? Yarn perhaps? And white instead of brass (I can do the temporary rubber cement instead of real glue)? These yarn chandelier globes kept coming up during my searches; I'd love to make these for our bedroom. Probably in white or cream.

What was a great fix for something you really didn't like in your apartment?

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miamihoney said...

I love the shades. To me they take enough of the attention away from the brass. I wouldn't worry about the wrapping. Look you all Suzy Homemaker :)