M6011--Almost finished!

I've slowly been working on my second M6011. The last time I mentioned it (almost a month ago!) I only had the bodice constructed. I've come a long way since. Check out the progress!
No, I didn't change the fabric. I am showing the lining side. I am trying -REALLY- hard to make this look super nice on the inside with all finished seams, so I thought all the pictures should reflect that.
Slightly blurry, but look at the flat-felled seams on the shoulders! French seams and curves aren't friends, so I thought this would be the best option. I kept the bodice lining piece the 5/8", and then trimmed the remaining three layers to about 1/8-1/4" long. Most sites I read said to go for 1/4", but I had to cut it shorter mainly at the top of the shoulder for the convex curve and the many layers.
French seams along the side pieces of both skirts. I also really wanted to do French seams for the center back seam, but I didn't think it would work with a zipper. Internet sites suggested using a Hong Kong seam finish, but since it is the lining (that no one will see), I opted to serge it to reduce bulk.

Hand sewing the midriff piece to the skirt lining. I even trimmed the seam allowances below like the pattern maker suggested (I never do that!). The pattern also recommends to topstitch the upper and lower edges of the midriff, but I prefer it to look more solid. If I feel like it needs the definition at a later date, I can always add it.
After I finish sewing the midriff piece, I have to tackle the zipper, then the hem, and I will be set!
At this point, I am getting a little nervous. I know I looked at the pattern -finished- sizes on the envelope (as opposed to the recommended sizes) due to the sizing issues I had the last time I made M6011. Of course, last time I did version B, and now I'm doing C, so there is noe difference. I am starting to worry that it may be too small! However, the fashion fabric does have some stretch to it, so I may be okay. If it is too tight, I do have the option of reducing the back center seam from 5/8" to 3/8" (which would grant me an extra half inch)  or even reduce it to 1/4" (which would result in an extra 3/4 inch of room).

The pattern calls for an invisible zipper. I am not really great at installing invisible zippers, despite the plethora of tutorials on the internet. Luckily (or unluckily) for me, there was no invisible zipper in the correct color for me. The last time I made this dress I had an issue due to its color-blocking (cream on top, but navy for the skirt), but this time I just have one big pattern. I did find a regular zipper that matches pretty well. (color 432: Caribbean blue)

Sunni just hosted another sewalong (I am too timid to try one because I am sure I could never stay on schedule, but I've considered joining one LONG after they are finished), and she has a bunch of excellent links for zipper installations and hems. Check it out here. It's so helpful!

Do you have any projects that are "almost" finished?

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miamihoney said...

Great job on this one! I can totally see the ending. I love how you tackle clothes. I think I am going to try and make an a-line skirt once I get the nerve ;p