I hope that you had a terrific 4th of July. Ryan insisted that we stay home and have our own holiday. It was nice. We actually managed to hang up 90% of our wall art (and now I realize we didn't have a lot at the old place).

The past weekend, my younger brother (who has been my kitchen helper a few time already) and I decided to make pickles. He loves pickles, especially the bread-and-butter variety. We used a recipe from the same canning book I used when I made the Roasted Red Peppers in Lemon Sauce (I only have half a jar of them left!).

It was cute because my younger brother (he's 21) is very protective of me, so all of the "dangerous" (hot water) parts he insisted on doing, even though I canned previously and he didn't.

Anyway, here are pictures of the pickles!
You can see the adorable flour containers I picked up at Goodwill. My brother actually took the one on the right home. The one of the left will serve as a cookie jar for me.


They have a bit of a spicy aftertaste (I think from the red pepper flakes), so if I were to make them again, I'd probably omit those 'cause bread-and-butter pickles should be S-W-E-E-T! That being said, they are really good; Ryan and I have already gone through a half a quart!

Have you done any new food adventures lately?

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miamihoney said...

WOW! Look at you. Great work. My kitchen adventure has been re-filling my fridge :)