Up-Down Life

Lately life feels like a roller coaster. It seems that every good thing is balanced by a bad thing. I don't want to get into specifics, but here is a perfect example:

I finally finished my second take on McCall 6011. I don't own a full-length mirror, so I took a low quality picture just so I could see if full length.

Yes, those color blocks are there to hide the place my hands were. *sigh*

I decided to wear the dress for good luck on a grad school presentation, and I figured I would take real pictures the following day.

Apparently, I did not close my water bottle 100% when I left class. I take the train home, so this bag was in my lap the whole time.

EVIL in bag form.
 The leaked water hit the bag, and color of the bag left a gorgeous stain on my brand new dress. I nearly cried/died. I used stain removers and threw it in the wash immediately. It's 98% gone, and you can only tell if you know it's there (which I do). I was so upset I have yet to re-press the dress so I can take pictures. And I've been sick since Tuesday, so my motivation is pretty much nil.

The bag is now in the trash. =)

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