Fall knitting Project

A few weeks ago, I mentioned some knit/crochet tempting projects I'd like to start for fall. I was all set to get started, and I was looking through my small knitting basket to see what needle/hook sizes I actually had to help me decide what project to start.

And then I found this:

I started this (according to Ravelry) I started this June 15, 2011. Looking through my blog, I realize I even posted about them early on. They've been sitting in my pile for over a year.

Even though I don't really have a jacket that matches them, I am determined to finish them before I start a new project. Look how far I got in just a few weeks!

I started to cast on the second one, but I hope I can finish them before next summer!

Have you ever "resurrected" a project that was untouched for a long time?


New sewing ideas

Since my last project didn't work so well, I thought I'd immediately get back to work. I did buy fabric for M6467, but I clearly won't be using it for that purpose.

Here are my ideas of what to do with this fabric.
  • Remake New Look 6490. Since I'll have enough fabric, this time I will be able to cut it on the bias, and it will hopefully fit!

  • Make Simplicity 2337. I bought this at the same time I bough M6467. I really like the DRAWN view A--the wrap dress look but with the gathered short sleeves. I really like ALL of the dresses, but this is the one I'd probably make with the fabric I have.
  • The the gorgeous but daunting Butterick 5599. I bought this about 2 years back, but have been too intimidated to try it.
  • See why View C of Simplicity 2497 requires so much extra fabric than View A or B, and try to see if I can make that. Or possibly shorten it to top/tunic length? 
 What do you think?


Tunes Tuesday--Vampire Weekend

I forgot about these for a while! Sorry!

Vampire Weekend--Giving up the Gun


The verdict? A big stinking wadder.

Well, I tried.

I rand out of fabric, so tried to make my own sleeves. They're meh. They look okay on the dress form, but she has no arms.

I can't tweak the fit any more. I mean, I probably could, but I'm afraid that I was going to mess up the few places that fit.

So, I decided to finish it just in case I couldn't see the big picture. I made the bias tape for the neckline, but for the armholes I cheated and did not use bias tape; I cut cut strips on the grain.

I like the idea of this top, but I think it was too flowy for what I want. I think I would have been happier with more straight princess seams, like M6076. I'll pack up the pattern and donate it to Goodwill, unless anyone else wants to try it.

Of course, now I have to decide what to do with the 2 yards of green charmeuse I specifically bought for this top...



So over the summer, I went to JoAnn during a pattern sale. I saw this pattern, and fell in love with it.

I even went so far as to IMMEDIATELY buy fabric for the pattern (which is something I never do). But I hesitated before cutting into my fabric because I have vision for this top. I really like View D (the yellow one) the best.

I could have bought muslin fabric, but for the amount of yardage I would need, I felt it was somewhat costly. My solution: Buy the largest men's shirt at Goodwill and use the "fabric" to cut my pattern pieces.I figured it could end up a wearable muslin.

I'm so glad that I did. I know it's a pullover top, so the fit is looser, but still. I cut a straight 10. For a size 10, the "matching" bust size is 32.5". The finished garment dimensions?  40"! There is almost EIGHT INCHES of ease built into this sucker!

I want to save this shirt because I really like the plaid print. I don't have enough leftover fabric to make the flounce, but that's okay.

In terms of making the fit work, I think I have two options. I can either put in a tie/band in the back to "smoosh" everything up, or I could take in 1/4-1/2" on some of the side seams (I think the front and back are fine). I think ties would work with the flow of the shirt better, but with the masculine print, I think I'd prefer to work on the seams.

Which do you think would have a better result? Have you ever used Goodwill finds as the raw material to make an entirely new project?



Ah, internet. It gives you the most useful information. We've had our bathroom towels for a while now, and they had started to get "the funk". Washed in hot water with detergent and dried with dryer sheets? No effect. They still had a damp, icky smell to them. The solution?


I'm pretty convinced that vinegar and baking soda can do just about anything. I already use a 50/50 water vinegar spray to do the majority of surface cleaning in our apartment, and now I have yet another reason to love vinegar. All I do is throw in 1 cup with the wash, and the towels are perfect!

What interesting fix have you found from the internet?


200th Post!

I can't believe that I am hitting my 200th post! When I first started this blog, I really didn't think that I'd do anything serious with it. It was just a storage site for pictures.

And then I joined Ravelry, and started looking at PatternReview. I found blogs like Male Patterned Boldness, The Selfish Seamstress, Tanit-Isis Sews, Oonaballona... I wanted to keep posting.

I know I have fewer than 20 followers, and I don't do reviews for companies; I don't have sponsors, and I can't really afford to do giveaways, but I really like blogging. It makes me feel accomplished to be able to post the things that I created. I like sharing my opinions with like-minded people. I really hope I keep blogging.

Unrelated to the above, here are 5 items that I would like to either knit or crochet this fall. I don't think I'll get through all of them, but these are ones that I -want- in my closet.

1- Bird Bag: Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)
2- Java Socks: Cailyn Meyer (Knitty 2011)
3- Beauty Silk Cotton Motif Sweater: Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)
4- Plain and Simple Pullover: Veera Välimäki (Rain Knitwear Designs)
5- Needle Case: Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)


Why did you start blogging?


Tunes Tuesday--Twisted Sister

Every year I joke about starting off my school year like this teacher.

Twisted Sister--I Wanna Rock


Jewelry organizer

WE had our in-service days this week, and school starts on Tuesday! I'm mentally ready, but I always worry that I'm not technically ready.

I decided to tackle my jewelry situation and get things organized. While there are many different organizer DIYs on the internet and many organizers you can buy, none of them were exactly what I was looking for.

So I made this. It has some flaws (mainly because I had to do all of the sawing by hand), but I am happy with how it turned out. The next woodworking project is to make an end table (with a pull-out drawer at the top) that will go OVER the cat litter box so we don't have to see it (but the kitties have access)

Have a nice holiday!