Fall knitting Project

A few weeks ago, I mentioned some knit/crochet tempting projects I'd like to start for fall. I was all set to get started, and I was looking through my small knitting basket to see what needle/hook sizes I actually had to help me decide what project to start.

And then I found this:

I started this (according to Ravelry) I started this June 15, 2011. Looking through my blog, I realize I even posted about them early on. They've been sitting in my pile for over a year.

Even though I don't really have a jacket that matches them, I am determined to finish them before I start a new project. Look how far I got in just a few weeks!

I started to cast on the second one, but I hope I can finish them before next summer!

Have you ever "resurrected" a project that was untouched for a long time?

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