So over the summer, I went to JoAnn during a pattern sale. I saw this pattern, and fell in love with it.

I even went so far as to IMMEDIATELY buy fabric for the pattern (which is something I never do). But I hesitated before cutting into my fabric because I have vision for this top. I really like View D (the yellow one) the best.

I could have bought muslin fabric, but for the amount of yardage I would need, I felt it was somewhat costly. My solution: Buy the largest men's shirt at Goodwill and use the "fabric" to cut my pattern pieces.I figured it could end up a wearable muslin.

I'm so glad that I did. I know it's a pullover top, so the fit is looser, but still. I cut a straight 10. For a size 10, the "matching" bust size is 32.5". The finished garment dimensions?  40"! There is almost EIGHT INCHES of ease built into this sucker!

I want to save this shirt because I really like the plaid print. I don't have enough leftover fabric to make the flounce, but that's okay.

In terms of making the fit work, I think I have two options. I can either put in a tie/band in the back to "smoosh" everything up, or I could take in 1/4-1/2" on some of the side seams (I think the front and back are fine). I think ties would work with the flow of the shirt better, but with the masculine print, I think I'd prefer to work on the seams.

Which do you think would have a better result? Have you ever used Goodwill finds as the raw material to make an entirely new project?

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