Quilting Bee

One of my coworkers is out on sick leave. Her friends decided to make a quilt for her to take to chemotherapy. Although I have never met this librarian (this is my new school), I thought this was a great idea and such a heartfelt thing to do, so I signed up.

They asked for finished quilt blocks to be 7", so I made mine 7 1/4". This caused a wee problem. The woman in charge realized (quite wisely) that a 1/4" seam allowance may be intimidating to non-sewists and infrequent sewists. So all the other blocks had a 1/2" allowance. Oh well! I just made sure to work on mine and mine alone.

The first day took two hours and we only got one side down. We were supposed to have the second quilting bee today, but since school is cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy, it will be postponed.

For my block, I decided to piece the word "HOPE". I had no purple or pink, so I dyed muslin with food dye and vinegar. At a first glance, it looks fine, but I realized that I pieced the "E" a half inch too low. I could have ripped out the seams, but it was 10:30 at night. My boyfriend says the spacing actually looks better, but I have a feeling he was just being nice. Also, if I were to sew this again, there are some places I could have pieced together more logically to minimize seams.

I plan on working on these wristwarmers today, and finishing the last of the Biology Keystone information. Maybe I'll do some sewing too. It all depends in if/when we lose power, I guess.

Be safe today if you're on the east coast!

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miamihoney said...

hope you guys don't lose power- us either :) Look at you quilting, good job lady! Stay safe.