So, we lost power for 3 days after Hurricane Sandy.
  • I never got to celebrate Halloween, so I did not get to wear my costume a second time around. Hence, I have no pictures. I figure I'll wear it again next year, so if I'm still blogging then, I'll post.
  • I did not finish my wristwarmers during the power outage, but I did make good progress. Then, I got to the point where I should be getting ready to cast off, but the pattern isn't matching up? I'll dedicate a post to it soon.
  • I did finish my dress for the wedding, but I have a lot to say about the pattern, the dress, and invisible zippers, so I'll save that for later.
  • I did manage to finish a quick sewing project with the fabric shown below. My sister had used the fabric for her senior year project, but there was quite  bit leftover. So I got a dress out of it. Pictures to come.
  • In teaching news, I had a parent call about a detention. Apparently, I am not allowed to have students clean, nor can they sit and do nothing. I gave administration my side of the story, and it seems to end there (I was honestly worried I'd get fired). My question (and the administrators currently have no answer), is what CAN we then have a student do during detention? I absolutely -refuse- to let them do homework or makeup assignments, but if they are to be punished, what are my options?
  • And in other teaching news, the medical leave position I've been for is almost over, but I will be (almost seamlessly) filling in for a maternity leave position. SO that was a huge weight off my chest.
I think I'm done sewing for a while. As I mentioned before, I have some yarn projects I'd like to work on. Someone asked me to knit them an ugly Christmas sweater for a party. I agreed, but now I wonder if I will have the time. Luckily, I know my way around fabric dye, yarn, and a sewing machine, so I think I can fake the sweater with minimal work.

What are your projects as the winter quickly approaches?


miamihoney said...

You should have them do a reflective writing piece about what they have done, what impact has it had on them & others and how can they improve in the future. It is work and it is beneficial so parents cannot dispute the validity.
I haven't figured out my holiday crafting yet and time is ticking.
Have a great Thanksgiving and I am glad you are no longer in the dark :)

Meghan said...