A crafty Review--2012

I know that MANY people do end of the year/new year posts, and I think I will partake. At first, I was hesitant to do an end-of-the-year review because it seemed rather narcissistic, but I thought it would be good to look at what I did over the past year. This year seemed to fly by, and when I look at the previous posts, I am stunned to remember that some of these things were only made months ago--it seems much longer!

January 2012--my highlight was the first thing I handmade for my nephew--triforce mittens!
February 2012--my highlight was trying fabric paint and stencils for the first time to make some custom pillows for my boyfriend's brother. Since using this technique, I have customized a onesie and at least 2 shirts.
March 2012--my highlight was making some cookies for my two friends who were getting engaged. I've really dabbled a lot into cookie making a decorating this year, which is a time-consuming but pretty awesome process. This is also the time when the vast majority of my friends are getting engaged and married. I'm so happy for them all.
April 2012--my highlight was finishing the first pattern I drafted from scratch, and then actually purchasing fabric to sew it up! I called the pattern "Harmony" after a friend who shares a crafty interest. I hope to revisit the pattern this year and make a few tweaks to it.
In May and June 2012 I took a break as teaching was really getting to me. At this point, I am now tenured, but I still question if this is the right career for me. There are some days when I KNOW this is my career, that this is what I'm meant to do. At the same time, there are some days I want to pack it all up and just start over.

July 2012--My highlight was not about teaching, or sewing, or knitting--it was painting! Although I had finished this wall art in May, I did not get around to posting it until July. I found an image a few years back (source unknown) and decided to re-create it. It still hangs above our bed, and I really love it.
August 2012--In August, I posted a long list of goals for the upcoming school year, and I will reflect on those once we pass midterm examinations. Tying in with the school theme, I crocheted little plush guys I call Scire plushes. I give them out to students after each test, and they are in high demand. It's a different reward, and I am going through stash yarn like crazy! Win win!
September 2012--my highlight was once again not anything related to my blog title (as miamihoney pointed out =P ), but woodworking. I made a custom jewelry organizer. I still use it, and I am much better about putting things back on it. Before, when my jewelry was organized but hidden, I could afford to be sloppy. Now that it's on display, I have to make sure it is neat!
October 2012--my highlight was more cookies! I will never be a professional baker, but as much work as they were, I was super proud of these cookies. They took HOURS to decorate properly, but they almost looked professional!
A second highlight was participating in a quilting bee for a coworker who was battling cancer. I designed a quilt block for her. It was nice to get to meet other teachers in the building and work on a lovely gesture of support.

November 2012--my highlight was a quick and successful project that had no setbacks. I used a pattern and lengthened it to make an easy dress. It is a bright addition to my wardrobe, and I'd wear it once a week if I could.
December 2012--my highlight was another dress, but this was not quick, moderately successful, and had quite a few setbacks. I still need to take out and re-do the zipper, I need to re-cut the armscyres, and I need to lengthen it. However, many of my friends were extremely impressed that I made the dress. I guess most people I know (besides family) really don't know that I craft. :-)
Are you doing a re-cap post on your blog? If so, please link it so I can see!

Have a terrific New Year! Be safe!

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miamihoney said...

What a great recap! You have been super duper crafty.