Lots of Handmade Gifts--part 1

Sorry I have not been posting lately--I bit off more than I could chew with the holidays this year. Both family and crafting, but I'll save the family bit for my resolution post.

However, I can safely say there will be NO handmade gifts in 2013. No mittens or clothes for the nephew, no hats or shirts for Ryan, no presents for parents, siblings, or friends. I am keeping it simple. I really need to simplify my life.

Since I DID make a lot of handmade items around the holiday season, I thought I would show you what I've been up to.

First up: a stuffed squirrel for my stepmother's birthday. I typically get her a card and a large bag of M&Ms for her birthday, but I was up late browsing the internet and stumbled upon matsutake's blog where she had a free pattern of a plush squirrel! My stepmother loves squirrels, and this is only more fun because my father HATES all rodents, squirrels included.

The construction was not difficult, but I did have to be rather precise because it was TINY sewing. I assumed (I think correctly) that seam allowances were 1/4". I only wish his ears were less pointed and more rounded, but that's okay. I sewed on a little felt nose and felt eyes, and added some whiskers for a personal touch.

If you have someone that likes woodland creatures, I would highly recommend this pattern. Matsutake requests (and rightly so) that the pattern not be made for profit.

Would you sew a plush squirrel for anyone?


Katie said...

He's adorable! Well done! And, yes, tiny precise sewing. But you did a great job. Love your blog, too.
-Katie (aka matsutake)

miamihoney said...

What a cute little squirrel. I can't imagine all of those little corners to sew. Great work I hope he wil be well loved.