Simplicity 2497--Wedding Wear

I finally decided what to do with my green fabric--make a dress for my friend's wedding!

I like the end result, but there are still a lot of issues with this dress. If I were to make it again (which I might, or at least do the other view), I need to take these into account.
  1. First off, this dress has a RIDICULOUS amount of positive ease in the chest. I cut a SIX for the bodice but a 12 for the skirt portion. 
    1. That being said, if you go really small for a bodice to take the ease into account, think about the armholes. They will also be rather small and pinch/rub against you arms and armpits all night
    2. Also look at the waist length. Make sure the waistband actually sits at your narrowest part and not 2" too high
  2. The fabric layout really didn't make a lot of sense. Usually I look at the picture and go, "duh!". This time, I had to sit down on three separate occasions to figure it out.
  3. As much as I liked the pockets on the pattern (one of the reasons I bought it), I am glad I omitted them.
  4. DO NOT CUT VIEW A LENGTH unless you are planning to wear it as a tunic! It is super short...I was worried I'd be the "slut" at the wedding (turns out I was rather modestly dressed)
  5. I need to buy an invisible zipper foot, or I need to stop buying invisible zippers. It never ends well
  6. I am very glad I lined this dress. It looked pretty on the outside
  7. While shiny fabric looks good on a bolt (Even if it is high-quality fabric), it looks cheap on a dress. If I had used the reversed matte side, I would have been much happier.
  8. Read the directions for the neck ruffle. No, since you are doing a rolled hem for the whole thing, you do not need to cut on the bias. Save some fabric. It's also okay to shorten it buy a foot to save fabric.
  9. Don't be lazy, INTERFACE
There are a few things I need to fix -if- I want to wear this again
  • Interface the waist
  • Lengthen dress as much as possible
  • Fix front of neck ruffle
I think I'd do view B next time...it's a more casual look. I don't like maxi dresses or mullet dresses, so the length of D is completely off limits.

Overall, the pattern isn't bad. I really should start making muslins. Here's the dress on Gert...

Those sides don't even come CLOSE to matching...at least the zipper installation looks OK from afar...
And an actual shot of me wearing the dress!
I do NOT look happy...oops!
I did a wee bit of crafting for Thanksgiving, so I'll post that soon.

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miamihoney said...

Look at your skills :) Good work ma'am.