2013 Resolutions--Blogging and Crafting

I have two sets of resolutions this year: blogging resolutions and personal resolutions. Last year, I chose not to make any resolutions because I simply did not feel like it.

Blogging/crafting  resolutions
  1. Either alter it or get rid of it 
    • I have started to do this a little bit at the end of the year, but there are several handmade items in the closet that I hold on to solely because I made them. Yes, I was proud that I completed them, yes, I like how they look on the hanger, but due to (mainly fit) issues, I will not put them on. Case in point: my M6011 dress. I have not worn this dress in at least 6 months because it is over a size too big.

    • I would like to wear it, but I know that it took me a LONG time to hand finish all the seams, and knowing I have to do that, well, it prevents me from doing it. :)
    • I think to keep myself sane, I may alternate between a new project and a refitting project.
     2. Finish knitting WIPs; choose knitting projects with more care
    • I  really enjoy knitting...from a conceptual standpoint. I will go on Ravelry, I will look at the items in my queue, and I will haphazardly add another dozen or so. I have too many hobbies to devote a large amount of time to knitting, and I keep choosing projects that I either lose interest in or are things that don't fit/work/relate to anything I do.
    • Case in point: these fingerless mitts that have been around for a VERY long time. Ravelry says June 15, 2011. Ouch.

    • The goal is to either only choose short-term projects that might get finished, or to choose projects that I will wear almost everyday, or to choose things that are incredibly interesting so that I can't wait to continue to work on them
       3. Stop/Reduce the amount of homemade gifts.
    • In July, I had found a rather humorous flow chart to determine if something should be knitted as a present, or if it should be bought. I did not listen to that flow chart this year, and it has cost me a lot of stress and disappointment. So I am re-posting it to remind myself that sometimes it is okay to buy something instead of make it.

Do you have any crafting resolutions for 2013?

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miamihoney said...

Love the flow chart, I have seen it somewhere and it does make sense. Good luck with that goal. I am just trying to be more creative in general. I have great ideas but I don't sit down and get to it enough. Gotta work on that~ Happy 2013!! All the best :)