Futurama Quilt--The character faces

To make the Futurama quilt, I first had to decide to fabric sizes. I did not want to make anything too big or too complicated, but I still wanted  a usable blanket. I decided on 12.5" cut (12" finished) blocks, 3.5" cut (3" finished) squares at the corners, and 3.5 x 12.5" posts in between (3 x 12" finished). The quilt would be 3x4 blocks, and the black and white squares would alternate like a chessboard.

Since I know that most people probably do not want to air-dry a quilt (even though they should), I made to pre-wash my fabric in the hottest water possible, and I made sure to dry it in the dryer. That way there will be no shrinking after it is washed a second time.

I cut 6 white blocks, and I also cut 6 black blocks. I looked online for pictures of just the characers head. I wanted 2 to face left (they would be on the right side), 2 to face right (they would be on the left side), and two mostly looking forward (they would be in the center). I did some minor image editing to make some all black and white, and I also resized them so the faces were all about the same size. I then printed each one out on paper.

I taped the paper template on my cutting mate, and then I taped the white fabric square over it. I debated between fabric paint and markers, and I settled on a fabric marker because it was far easier and less messy to do. I used this fabric marker for both the first and second quilt, but it was wearing out by the last two blocks. I traced over each one and left it to dry.

Here are the finished 6! Next up would be piecing the top!

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