Lots of Handmade Gifts--Part 2

To limit the spending, the needless gifts, and the stress of extended family Christmas, I suggested doing a secret Santa for my grandparents, aunts, and uncles on my dad's side.

I was put in charge, so I decided who I would "get" (this year we had kind of cheated and not pulled names out of a hat because some people had already started shopping). I chose my Aunt Debbie. Last year, I made a blanket for my grandmother out of fleece and a coordinating cotton. My aunt commented on how lovely it was, and if I ever felt like making her one, she'd love it in blue.

It was super easy. I bought two yards of polar fleece and two yards of a blue printed cotton from JoAnn Fabrics. Polar fleece comes in 60" width, while cotton comes in 44" width. I trimmed length off the cotton piece, and I just folded over the polar fleece edges. I sewed them down with a zig-zag stitch directly over the cotton, making sure the raw ends of the cotton were covered. I used the leftover cotton length to tie up the folded blanket.

We are not swapping presents until the third weekend in January, but I hope she likes it!


miamihoney said...

Looks like you delivered on her wish! Hope she likes it.

Rachel O. said...

Handmade gifts are the best!!