Lots of Handmade Gifts--Part 3

Every year, our one group of friends does a modified Chinese auction (which has been shortened to Chauction). For this event, everyone brings a gift and puts them in a center pile. Numbers are given, and people choose from the unwrapped gifts. There are rules about stealing gifts and collaborations, but it's pretty fun. The whole present part usually takes 1-2 hours as we typically have some 20-odd people bring presents.

For Chauction 2012, I decided to combine my crafty talents with the nerdy themes of the gifts. I decided to make a futurama-themed quilt. I chose red, black, and white as my color combination, and I got to work. I did not (typical) take a finished pitcutre of the present, but here is an 'action shot' at the Chauction.

The gift was super well-received, and stolen multiple times. At the end of the presents, a friend of a friend approached me and said her husband LOVED it. She wondered if I would be willing to make one for her, and she would pay for the materials. How cool is that? The few times I have tried to sell things, I have gotten a less than warm reception.

So, as I make the second Futurama quilt, I will be sure to document my progress here. I think I may do another themed quilt next year--Mario perhaps? I know that I am trying to lessen the handmade gifts, but this is a supportive and appreciative audience.

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