Taking a look at my knitting

As I mentioned yesterday, one of my resolutions is to make smarter choices when knitting. I need to choose projects with more care so that I actually finish them and enjoy the process more. I logged on to Ravelry today and saw that I have 28 items in my queue! That's ridiculous. In keeping with my resolutions, I am going to go through the list and hopefully eliminate half.

Item 1 to go is Hundred of Sheep by Sangmi Lee. This was on my list because I wanted to make this sweater for my stepmom. For Christmas, I started (and have yet to finish!) a scarf with one sheep on it. I think that's enough.
Bye Sheepy Sweater!

Item 2 to go is Plain and Simple Pullover by Veera Välimäki. Look at all that stockinette. No thanks.
Bye Stockinette! Besides, I got a sweater VERY similar to you for my birthday!
Item 3 is Gift Bags that Keep on Giving by Jen Spears. One, I am not really making handmade items this year, let alone the bags in which they are given. Also, I'd prefer projects that I can use on a more frequent basis.
Bye One Skein Bags! Maybe in the future?
Item 4 to go is Grrlfriend Market Bag by Laura Spradlin. I have PLENTY of re-usable grocery bags. I do not need any more.
Besides, I'm not much of a Grrlfriend anyway
 Item 5 to go is $5 in Paris by Anna Peck Maliszewski. My original plan was to make it for my sister. But, horizontal stripes are so in right now, and it's all stockinette, and I would never wear something like it.
Bye Second Stockinette Sweater (and hello alliteration!)
 Item 6 is 22-3-b One-piece Dress by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd). I really like a lot of their items. I liked this dress for the lace detailing along the bottom hem. However, if I really want to do something like that, I could buy a dress from Goodwill and just modify the bottom portion. Much simpler, really.
I don't want to make you as is, but maybe I can cheat a little. ;)
 Item 7 to go is Kimono dress or sweater by Anna Kuduja. I really like sweater dresses. But, I do not like kimono sleeves. Dunno how I missed this, as that design feather is in the title. Oops.
It's nothing personal! My ideal sweater dress would be cowl-neck, short-sleeved, and pink and cream boucle yarn. 
 Item 8 is Morning Dew Scarf by Dora Ohrenstein. I think scarves are meant to keep you warm more than a fashion accessory. I must have put this in my queue because I wanted it to be a gift...or, the yardage is very low.
I just noticed that is not a free pattern. Five dollars?! No thanks.
 Item 9 is Tempting II Pattern by Jenna Adorno. 1x1 ribbing is even more time-consuming than stockinette! Plus, I know I am cheap and will buy something synthetic and will sweat the sweater out.
Bye ribbed sweater! As a rule, I love Knitty patterns, and this look like it would fit really well. Still, though, I have to say no because I know it would never get finished.
 Item 10 to go is Cardigan Neutral by Vickie Howell. I think I got distracted by the lacework along the bottom and failed to notice the lack of closures. For me, a cardigan has to be able to close right under the bustline, stay closed for a few inches, and then have the option to open up again. Recognizing this now, I think I understand why I wore my Abalone cardigan only twice before donating it to Goodwill...
Yes, I could probably modify the pattern to make a button band, but I don't know as much about knitting as I do sewing. It would most likely end in disaster. Bye Cardigan!
 Item 11 is At Your Leisure by All Molvik. I picked this out for my boyfriend. He would never wear this. Probably even if it were the last item in the world to wear.
Oh well...

Items 12 and 13 are both Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd):  Beauty Silk Cotton Motif Sweater (right) and 28-25 French-sleeve Vest (left). Both are interesting to knit, but they do not have a flattering shape for my body type.

The last item, Item 14 is Chthulhu Holiday Ornament by Dawn Ellis-lopez. Another item I wanted for my sister. Another item that won't be appreciate enough to warrant the time spent making it. Another item off the list.
Don't be angered, evil lord!
 Phew! Down to 14 items!

What things do you look for in knitted projects (if you knit)?

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miamihoney said...

Haha, the sweater with the boyfriend in mind that he would not really wear...classsic. Thank goodness for pairing down!