Why Sewing is Awesome

I have had this bag since the 4th grade. My mom bought it for me to take along my books for violin lessons. It has served as a violin book bag, a beach tote, an overnight bag, a bag for books for grad school, and is currently the bag I use to tote papers and whatnot between school and home.

The strap finally wore out. I had repaired this before when the strap had just pulled out. This time, it clearly disintegrated.

I could throw away the tote bag and just get a new one. However, I really like it, it still functions fine (sans strap), and I have a sentimental attachment to it.

1 yard of new canvas strap, some thread, a machine, and 15 minutes later...

...my bag is restored.

What small fix have you done lately that was -worth- it to you?

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