Futurama Quilt--Finished

Sorry for the delay in posting; I have gotten super sick TWICE since the new year. I actually had to take a sick day, and that was the first sick day I've taken in four years since I got the job.

However, I have health and time to post, so I thought I would skip right to pictures of the finished quilt.

There are some minor errors, but overall, I'm pleased with how the second one turned out. Since I had a good chunk left of the red fabric (and am trying to prevent a fabric stash accumulation in the apartment), I decided to make a drawstring bag for the quilt. I serged 99% of the bag together. For the top part of the bag, I used a flatlock stitch with my serger--this is the first special stitch. I practiced several times on scrap fabric--I was really nervous.


Custom Closet Organization

I got fed up with my closet situation. This is typically what my closet looks like at the end of every week or two weeks.

I did try in December to fix the problem. I swapped out what I was using for T-shirts, pajama pants, and workout gear (an underbed box) for what I was using for my shoes (this carousel thing) because neither situation was working well. I used cardboard from Christmas orders to make dividers in the underbed box. I rolled up shirts to place in the shoe cubbies.

This fixed one problem, but created a new problem. To allow the shoe organizer with my shirts to extend all three tiers, I had to turn the plastic drawer organizer that I hold underwear and socks in sideways. I was good for....two days. And I got tired of shoving everything back in. Since I turned it 90 degrees to fit, every time I opened the drawer, the contents would  come out the side. Combine this with the fact I get dressed at about 5:30 in the dark every morning...I got super frustrated.

Since I have been making more things lately, I decided to make my own set of drawers. I used cardboard, a box cutter, duct tape and masking tape, glue dots, and scrapbook paper.

I made a huge mess while doing it...

...but I am really happy with the overall result.

I now have space to put things in, I have space to allow my carousel thingy to fully extend, it looks pretty, and the items don't come out of the drawer sideways! Quadruple win!

What organizing task have you taken upon yourself lately?


The Futurama Quilt--Finished top!

At this point, I have finished sewing (a little bit each night) and pressing the top of the quilt.

To maximize cost, what I did for the previous one I made (and what I will do for this one) is create a runner strip along the back with the leftover white and red. This allows me to only use 2 yards of black fabric for the backing, and it allows me to use the extra pieces of white and red I have from the yardage I needed for all those squares.